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Providing PARAFUSE. special method to the world

Emiko is currently accepting overseas applications to attend her PARAFUSE. massage classes.She is looking to teach her own style of PARAFUSE. massage method to the World.

Emiko is a professional Aesthetician with over 23 years experience who uses a unique blend of "Korugi" , "Face-shape arrangement" and "Traditional Thai massage" - blended techniques to attain maximum facial reduction without the need of facial surgery. She does this by realigning the bone structure of the subject and reducing the face shape through the power of massage.

As well as in her native Japan, Emiko is slowly gained global notoriety.
She has already featured in several media coverages in London, Moscow and Istanbul. Her beauty treatment and methods is attracting a great deal of attention.

Whether you are an experienced Masseuse or a complete beginner, by attending Emiko's 10 hour class you will be able to learn this original massage technique. The classes will also teach you customer retention strategies and customer attraction methods by optimizing Emiko Yamamoto's 23 years experience as an Aesthetician.

Why don't you take this opportunity
to learn PARAFUSE. special method?


■Teacher     Emiko Yamamoto
■Training hours 10 hours
■Tuition fee 350,000 yen 
(Including training cost, text, interpretation, follow-up)
■Curriculum 1. About Korugi
2. Scalp massage
3. Decollete massage
4. Korugi blended technique

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日本を代表するPARAFUSE.オリジナル・小顔エステスクールは 既にロンドン、モスクワ、イスタンブールで展開中。現地のメディアでも大きく取り上げられています。



東京都港区白金台5-6-9 ファルコンビル1F
電話 03-6277-0551

予約受付:平日 10:00~22:00


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